1. the one thing i hate more than liars is skim milk.. which is water pretending to be milk
    — Ron Swanson (via kristenkerch)
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libertarianism in a nutshell


    libertarianism in a nutshell

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    The Face Mask That Saved My Skin: Guest Blogger


    Have you ever wondered what you would eat for your last meal? Melanie Dunea has. When she’s not interviewing people for her site My Last Supper, she spends her time as a freelance portrait photographer and casual instagramer. And this week, Melanie is sharing her favorite beauty, food, and photography tips on the Birchbox blog. 


    I used to dodge kisses from my Grandmother Oma at bedtime, not because I didn’t love her, but because her face was always greasy. Sitting in front of a vanity mirror, dressed in a lovely robe, she would slather layer upon layer of cream while going on about the myriad benefits of moisturizing. “Trust me,” she would say. “When you are old, you won’t regret having taken care of your skin.”

    I took her words to heart and by the time I was a teenager in the ’80s, I was blowing over half my paycheck ($4.35/hour working in the school cafeteria) on—you guessed it!—moisturizer. Lotions, creams, serums, fluids, balms, salves, emulsions and unguents. You name it, I was daubing onto my face, lids, neck, shoulders, knees, and toes.

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  9. apologizing to all the guys i drunk texted the night before

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  11. when my relationship with vodka is probably more harmful than helpful

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    These two are going to end up making me have a heart attack or better yet my ovaries will explode lmao 

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